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Don't Eat The Marshmallow ... Yet!
How Self-Discipline And Persistence Lead To Success ... A Book by Joachim de Posada

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"The kind of story you can read and re-read with new insights every time.
If you want to begin changing your life right now, read this book."
--Marcy Ullom, Ed.D., Associate VP, University of Miami

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Born into great wealth but plunged into poverty as a teen, I grew up knowing more about the perils of losing success than the secrets of attaining it. Although my parents recovered after being stripped of everything in midlife, they never regained a prosperous mind-set, and I absorbed their fears more fully than their successes. Those fears fueled my desire to be financially successful and were, in part, what drove me to make a living out of teaching people how to achieve. I grew up to be a motivational speaker who inspired thousands of business executives and professional athletes to attain their goals using valuable principles of success. But what I didn't realize at the time was that I was leaving out one very important part of the equation.

Then, I read about marshmallows, and it changed my life-as it will yours-forever.

After my family lost everything, things were never the same. My parents were never the same, and I was never the same. I think Dad always feared losing everything again, so he overprotected himself. After he regained his wealth, he still drove an old Chevy. He didn't get a Cadillac until he was eighty-one (and died in that same Cadillac two years later). Subconsciously, I had the same fear, but I reacted in the opposite way by spending everything I made. I lived a very lavish life: I spent money on trips, women, gifts, late-model cars and expensive jewelry, never saving a penny and spending more than I made. I ate all my marshmallows as soon as I got my hands on them.

At this point you might be wondering, why didn't my father stop me? Why didn't he attempt to instill in me the same financial values he had learned? My father never taught me the secret to being a successful person because he didn't understand it himself. He was able to put that secret into practice not because of some formulaic knowledge, but because he feared losing everything again. When you are very rich and you suddenly wake up penniless, you learn very important life lessons, but you don't always have time to think about them, much less teach them to others. Thus the secret of attaining wealth remained a mystery to me-a mystery that I later became determined to solve. I wanted to understand and be able to consistently explain:

  • Why some people "make it" and some people do not.
  • Why some people are successful, while others fail.
  • Why 90 percent of people who reach age sixty-five are not independently wealthy, but have to continue working, depend on Social Security or pray that a son or daughter makes it through medical or law school and can afford to help out during the last years of their lives.

I have been a motivational speaker for more than thirty years. I have spoken in more than thirty countries for some of the best corporations in the world and have built up an extensive client list. I have also been involved with sports, motivating athletes in the National Basketball Association and the Olympics. I have found the same question applies: Why is it that some athletes make it and others do not? It's obviously not just talent or ability. The world is full of talented athletes who never make it, and full of less talented athletes who have made it big.

My desire to find the true secret of success led to more research. In the process, I came upon a psychological study performed by a very prominent American psychologist named Dr. Walter Mischel.

I won't go into details on the study right here because you will read about it in the book, but let me tell you one thing: I found the secret-why some people succeed and others fail. I thought the lesson was so important that I decided to write a book about it, with the help of my brilliant coauthor Ellen Singer.

Now hear this: This principle must be taught to everyone. What I'm about to tell you is the difference between being rich and being poor. It's a secret that must be taught to all the children of the world. I taught it to my daughter. I want to teach it to you, so you can pass it on to your children.

This book is for entrepreneurs, company employees and self-employed people. It's for athletes and people who generally want to get ahead in life. It's for teachers, who have such an awesome responsibility in educating our youngsters. And yes, it's for teenagers who are willing to change their behavior in order to succeed in life. But before you move on to the marshmallow parable, here's a question:

There were three frogs that were floating down the river on top of a leaf. One of them decides to jump into the river. How many frogs are left on top of the leaf?

Most people will answer that two remain.

Wrong answer.

There are three frogs left on top of the leaf.


Because deciding to jump and jumping are two different things.

How many times have you decided to lose weight and found that three months later, the numbers on the scale still haven't changed? How many times have you decided to stop smoking and had a cigarette your next night out? How many times have you decided to clean your attic over the weekend, only to find on Monday it looks even worse?

If that sounds like you, I hope that you do decide to read this book and apply what you learn here, and that you will jump (leap!) toward success.

Sir Francis Bacon said, "Knowledge is power." He was right, but he forgot one word to make the phrase foolproof. "Applied knowledge is power." If you know and you don't do, you don't know. It is as simple as that.

Read the book and apply everything you learn. Your life will never be the same. I promise.

I learned the secret. I stopped eating all my marshmallows. When you are finished with this book, you will too.

--Dr. Joachim de Posada,
international speaker and author
of How to Survive Among Piranhas,
a book that examines the laws of success
(rules you can apply to great benefit, after you learn how to resist marshmallows)

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Self-Discipline and Persistence vs. Instant Gratification: Success at Work and in Life
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